December 14, 2011


The Words that Started our Adventure
While in Italy, we went to Ravenna to meet the journalist and historian Andrea Casadio. His curiosity was piqued when he read an entry in a guest book at Dante’s tomb from 1910: “Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Beck, Ravenna Park, State of Washington.” 

Surprised that there was a Ravenna in the Wild West of America, he started doing research. His process led him to my husband, Gary Zimmerman, and resulted in an article in IN Magazine in May, 2009, and a continuing connection between Gary and Andrea. (For more information see the October 30 entry below.) 

Andrea’s editor agreed that there was a symmetry to our visiting Ravenna a century later and Andrea wrote a second article about the happenstance of our visit. Massimo Fiorentini, an award-winning photographer, took our picture (seen here as it appears in the article).

For those who wish to read the article in Italian, go to: The article begins on page 88. The picture of the two Ravenna street signs was taken by Gary.

Andrea was kind enough to mention my blog in his article so I am looking forward to having some Italian readers at this site.