January 27, 2015

Women's Share is Growing: Is it Enough?

According to a report just issued by the United Nation’s International Labour Organization (ILO), women’s representation in leadership of the workforce is growing. The number of businesses owned or managed by women is increasing, with women heading 30% of businesses in the world. 

Source: dianabuja's blog
Women, however, are most often found at the helm of small businesses, many of them micro ventures; and the larger the business the less likely a woman will head it. Only 5% of the world’s largest corporations are run by women.

On the corporate board level, all-male boards are decreasing. In Norway, over 13% of the companies have women as company chairpersons. And next is Turkey.

Biggest Surprise? The highest percentage of women managers is in Jamaica.

No Surprise: The lowest percentage of women managers is in Yemen.

Our Ranking: The United States is 15th

Deborah France-Massin, director of the ILO’s Bureau for Employers’ Activities, says that the inclusion of women is the “biggest engine of global growth and competitiveness.” However, she warns, at our present rate, “it could take 100 to 200 years to achieve parity at the top.”